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Buy anything your business needs now and pay over time. It's smart for business! Great for cashflow!

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The easy way to pay later

Designed and created exclusively for small business to unlock capital, smooth cashflow, secure payment terms and support growing opportunities. Pay any business purchase and we will pay your supplier directly. Pay it back in easy, fixed fortnightly instalments.

Convenience and transparency, guaranteed

More and more suppliers don't provide the payment terms your business needs. Buy with the confidence that you can pay it back with cashflow friendly installments.

Honest and transparent

No hidden fees. Know exactly what you’ll pay.

Incredibly quick and simple

Pay your invoice. On time, every time.

Pay over time

Take control and pay on your terms.

How it works

No interest. No application fees. No security required.

Upload your invoice Simply upload the invoice you want to pay. Cloufloat does it all in the background.

We pay your supplier Confirm your payment. We pay your supplier in under 24 hours.

Pay it back over time Pay it back in installments. Take up to 90 days, with no early payment fee.

Take control of your cashflow

Negotiate discounts with suppliers for paying upfront.

Move the slider below to the amount of the invoice and see your cashflow friendly instalments.

Pay installments over:

Invoice amount $2,000

5 fortnightly instalments of $436.00

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“ Push for shorter payment times intensifies, some companies are struggling to keep up ”

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