About the Cloudfloat story

About Cloudfloat

We know cashflow is the lifeblood of your business

Cloudfloat asks the question, how broken is small business banking today? At the heart of the relationship between the banker and the business is payments and quick access to the cashflow that enables the businesses to survive and grow. From working capital liquidity to de-risking late invoice payments, we believe the experience can be solved with code.

Cloudfloat is a result of frustrations from a broken system. Supplier payment terms are getting shorter. Waiting for payments from customers seems to get longer. Banks are always trying get away with charging hidden fees, and your businesses working capital seems trapped that you can't re-invest in your business when you need to.

So, we decided to try and build something to fix this.

Financing and paying your Supplier invoice should be quick and easy

Cloudfloat is modernising business to business payment terms and changing the way businesses buy from each across their supply chain. We enable you to turn the invoice you need to pay in to buy now, pay later finance. This way of using finance for the transactions you need and the method of installment payments is ideal to manage your cashflow needs. We've made the process quick and easy to support the needs of today's business.

We’re not a factoring company, a loans company or a bank. We are a technology company focussed on providing innovative and honest finance like solutions to address the needs for small to medium businesses. We’re here to support businesses who continue to search for new ways of working and better experiences in their every day journey.

Our passion for difference

At the core of what drives us is our values:

Welcome to a new type of a business finance. Welcome to Cloudfloat.

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