How it works? Paying suppliers made simple with Cloudfloat

How it works?

Cloudfloat creates your account without the need for face to face meetings, painful paperwork or waiting in long queues.

Our sign-up process has been designed to have you in to your new account in 60 seconds.

  1. As were currently in Private Beta - Request early access to create an account
  2. You will need to accept our the terms and conditions for using the pay later service
  3. Once you're in, upload the first invoice you would like to pay
  4. Generally you will be able to start paying suppliers in under 24 hours
  5. Pay as many invoices as you need to better manage your cashflow based on your starting limits

What you need to have ready to get started

To create an account all you need to have ready is:

What happens next

Once you have completed your registration process, you'll have immediate access to your account. We do all the checks and verifications in the background, quickly and efficiently. If we need any further information one of our friendly team will call you to check we have all the information we need. We should have this all completed in under 24 hours. Once you are good to go, we can start asessing and paying invoices.

It really is finance that is quick and easy.

Request access

With Cloudfloat, you can buy now and pay later. Because Cashflow matters.