Pay Now made simple with Cloudfloat

In some cases you don't want to pay later, but pay it now

Introducing Cloudfloat Pay now! Instead of paying your suppliers over time, you can pay any of your Business invoices using your stored and secured payment details. Cloudfloat clears and processes your payment for you and sends the funds direct to your suppliers bank account.

It's completely free to use!

How it works:

  • Get started with a Cloudfloat account: It’s free! No obligation and just takes a few minutes. Once activated, you'll have access to Pay Now and Pay Later immediately.
  • Give us your invoice: Our systems check all the payment details - do you have your accounting system integrated, then you can skip this step
  • Confirm the payment details: Check the details are correct and chose between Pay it now or Pay it Later
  • Authorise the payment: We send the funds direct to your supplier bank account.

Welcome to a new type of a business finance. Welcome to Cloudfloat.

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