Pay Now | Pay with platic even if your supplier don't accept it | Cloudfloat

In some cases you don't want to pay later but rather pay now

Introducing Cloudfloat Pay now! Instead of paying your suppliers over time, you can pay any of your Business invoices using your Credit Card. Even if your suppliers don’t accept Credit Cards. Cloudfloat clears and processes your payment for you and sends the funds direct to your suppliers bank account.

How it works:

  • Get started with a Cloudfloat account: It’s free! No obligation and just takes a few minutes.
  • Upload your invoice: Our systems check all the payment details
  • Confirm the payment details: Check the details are correct and we can debit your card
  • Authorise the payment: We send the funds direct to your supplier.
  • Earn rewards: If your card allows it, earn reward points for what you spend.
  • Free up working capital: Take advantage of the interest free period on your card

Welcome to a new type of a business finance. Welcome to Cloudfloat.

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